Gruau – Insulated Transportation Solutions

Gruau is a France-based company that specializes in van-based commercial upfits. Gruau-USA has partnered with Phenix to bring their products to the United States. IsoVan products have been produced in Europe since 1976. These decades of experience have allowed Gruau to refine their product into the current industry leader in quality and performance.



The IsoVan family of products includes both IsoTemp and IsoChem. Both products are built with the same design that has been refined for over four decades. IsoVan products are engineered specifically for the van they are installed in, resulting in a superior fit and finish.


IsoTemp is a system of prefabricated, insulated panels that contour to the interior of each van they are designed for. This exact fit results in best-in-class insulated performance and long-term durability, which is especially critical for food transport. The system is able to be divided into up to 3 separate temperature zones in order to give you the flexibility you need to maximize the use of your van. The floor drain and reefer plumbing behind the bulkhead allow for easy clean up and maintenance.

Fully Integrated Cargo Isolation:

IsoChem is a system of panels that are installed in your van to 100% seal the cabin from the cargo area. The IsoChem system is independently tested and validated to be 100% sealed from fumes, vapors, and smells. The fit and finish of the kit give it a factory finish look and make clean up quick and easy.

Refrigerated home deliveries are changing the game nationwide. With big name grocers and catering companies picking up speed, the ability to deliver your product with confidence is more important than ever. Gruau is here to give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.


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