Prime Design

Prime Design is the industry leading ergonomic ladder rack manufacturer. Their racks are designed around the worker – to make the job safer, easier, and more comfortable by reducing stress on the body. How their products impact day to day work is as important as the quality of materials and construction.

Why we support Prime Design Ergonomics & Safety:

Ergonomics at Phenix means making everyday tasks on the job easier.Our welders, electricians, machinists, and technicians are at the top of their trades and work hard to design, manufacture, assemble, and install unique solutions that are guaranteed to last. We rely on the entire to team to deliver on our promises. Delivery schedules are fine tuned based on who can and who has time, but if someone were to go down from injury the whole system would be forced to adjust. Applying the principles that founded Prime Design, to what our team does was an easy decision.

How Ergonomics Benefits Us:

The link between repetitive motion, awkward positions, heavy lifting, and manufacturing still lingers nationwide. Most of these aspects have improved organically, and so the question becomes how do we set parameters on jobs that demand more difficult work than others and limit these risks for our team. 15 years ago, we started working to identify and provide our team with the best tools to move in a safe, natural, and comfortable way. Since then, our production capacity has gone up, workplace injuries each year are next to zero, and morale continues to improve.

What Prime Design Can Do for You:

Prime Design set out to answer the same simple and loaded question: how can we make the job safer, easier, and more comfortable for the worker? We have made huge progress in our ability to maximize the spaceinside your vehicleand move equipment from one job to the next. We can give you the edge you need to finish the last three jobs of the day,but reaching your ladder can present a new set of challenges. Prime Design introduced the first-generation ergonomic ladder rack backed by science in 1992.By focusing on stress points and using leverage to minimize the load, their philosophy continues to guide and improve each new product they release with clear impact: Lower risk of injury, less fatigue and soreness, increased productivity, and more satisfied customers.

Worth it?

There are other van ladder racks available that can help you get material from point A to point B. With Buyers tie-down straps and maybe a lock, you can find a solution that is “good enough.” But for us, the decision to invest in giving our team the best tools on the market was clear and made a significant impact on our business. Prime Design’s Ergonomic ladder rack is a great system, but at Phenix we know, that only you know, your business best. Our mission is to show you the best products available and allowyour company to decide what’s going to work best.