You don’t commute every day, you commute every 15 minutes – you don’t drive to an office, your van is your office. Vans changed and Sortimo listened by designing and delivering a game-changing solution. EXXPAND by Sortimo is simple and complex, lightweight and rugged, quiet and clean, and allows you to operate with optimal organization and mobility. Manage your office, finish the job and maximize your productivity with Sortimo. Sortimo by Knapheide offers solutions designed for you and your van.

Vehicle Solutions



Bulkheads :

Protexx Partitions divide your work van into two separate zones: the passenger area, which doubles as a mobile office, and the cargo area for storing parts and tools. In the event of an unplanned stop, Protexx Partitions offer an extra level of safety and security. Partitions are contoured to fit each van and conform to the B-pillar trim and headliner in the van and are constructed of 1/4” ABS thermoplastic, known for its impact resistance and toughness.

Key Features

  1. Heat or cool just the passenger area rather than the entire van
  2. Reduces the amount of noise in the passenger area coming from items in the cargo area
  3. Allows for full seat travel and a reasonable amount of seat recline